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MNK Jewels takes pride in positioning itself as the ultimate destination for individuals in search of effortless elegance and distinctive style. Our group is intricately involved in every phase of the jewelry-making process, starting from the conceptualization of designs to the meticulous setting of each magnificent jewel. At MNK Jewels, our commitment is unwavering in providing our clients with the finest jewelry experience. Exclusivity and quality serve as the defining features of our collection, ensuring that every piece reflects our dedication to excellence.

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With no inter-office associations, we source our diamonds and gemstones from conflict free zones across the globe, thereby ensuring the best value and right product.

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MNK Jewels has always been reputed for its timeless designs, which have been enjoyed by its patrons for generations. Bearing in mind that privately owned jewellery ultimately becomes an heirloom piece, a MNK Jewels design always balances beauty and rarity perfectly. We take great pride in knowing that through your patronage our jewels and gems of everlasting beauty will pass from generation to generation, building their own legends along the way.



Each of our jewels is handmade by highly skilled craftsmen working meticulously to bring our designs to life. A company fabled for its rich history of craftsmanship, our jewels continue to be individually produced in our own factories. With our magnificent array of ready to wear pieces and our bespoke custom design service, your visits to us will prove to be a source of great pleasure and excitement.

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