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Embedded within every MNK diamond is a profound sense of pride, rooted in decades of experience and tradition. With the acquisition of a MNK jewel, you not only obtain a stunning piece but also embrace our enduring legacy as it seamlessly becomes a part of your own.

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When MNK Jewels was established in 2021, it marked the start of an extra ordinary journey spanning over a century. The MNK Jewels is at once collectible and wearable, manufactured with great care to reflect the belief that great design is timeless and style is eternal. At MNK Jewels
we believe that celebrating the special moments of our lives with exquisite jewelry is the ultimate expression of love.

History & Heritage

For generations, MNK Jewels has been synonymous with crafting some of the most stunning pieces of jewelry in the country. Currently headquartered in Mumbai, the company caters to the most discerning elite families in India, offering a blend of tradition and innovation in each exquisite creation. MNK Jewels takes pride in its legacy of delivering timeless and personalized jewelry that reflects the unique taste and style of its esteemed clientele. The commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and the use of high-quality materials have solidified MNK Jewels' reputation as a trusted and sought-after name in the realm of fine jewelry.


The Journey

Motivated by my father's vision when he embarked on his journey in the jewelry business, our commitment to social responsibility is primarily focused on making a positive impact. Operating under the umbrella of the MNK Charitable Foundation, our philanthropic endeavors are concentrated in the realm of healthcare. Inspired by our roots in the jewelry business, we continue to extend our support to communities, embodying the spirit of corporate social responsibility. Through these initiatives, we strive to make a lasting difference in the lives of those we touch.....

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